The Methodist Hospital School of Nursing celebrated its triennial reunion this past June. The Board usually gives a gift from their treasury to support Methodist Hospital and this gets announced at the reunion. Two women, who are on the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing board and also Methodist Task Core members, heard Angi Fiege’s (Rachael’s Mom) presentation this past April and were so very impressed and touched by Rachael’s story and the legacy Angi is creating that they suggested this year’s gift go to Rachael’s First Week. MHF just received a check on behalf of Rachael’s First Week for $3,000.00 from the Methodist Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association.

“We can’t thank the Methodist Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association enough for their generous donation,” states Angi Fiege. “We plan to use these funds to upgrade our entire program with more pizazz to capture the attention of our younger audience.”

Keeping other young people like her (Rachael) safe is the reason Angi says she started “Rachael’s First Week.”

“Her legacy will be that she’ll help other students not to get into situations [like hers],” Angi said.