“Silly String” and the Indy 500!  A potentially deadly way of ingesting alcohol.


A new trend has emerged called “silly string” were females are soaking tampons with alcohol and inserting these vaginally as a way to ingest alcohol without drinking it. Drinking too much alcohol, by itself can be dangerous when done in excess, but many times people can self regulate in order to stay at a safe blood alcohol level. However, when these soaked tampons are used, vaginally or rectally, absorption is unpredictable and can lead to unsafe high alcohol levels quickly.


TomorrowSunday May 27th, is the 102nd Indy500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There has been social media and radio talk of young females using the “Silly String” technique to get drunk. This is very concerning from a safety standpoint. On a regular day the “Silly string” method can cause severe alcohol intoxication, including alcohol poisoning, and lead to trouble breathing, inability to wake up and even death. However, with weather forecasted to be over 90 degrees Fahrenheit for Race Day, health professionals are even more concerned. Severe alcohol intoxication in high heat can lead to severe dehydration and worsening of symptoms. On top of that, insertion of soaked tampons can cause severe infections that can be life threatening. We are urging everyone to drink safely this weekend and not use this “Silly string” method.


Please drink responsibly, stay well hydrated and do not drink and drive. If you have a friend who has been using the silly string method, or is just drinking alcohol in excess, please watch them closely. If you or anyone you are with, is not acting right, falling over, or if you are unable to wake them please seek medical help immediately. There are first aid stations with paramedics throughout the track, there is also an infield care center with physicians to evaluate patients. If you are in need of assistance any IMS personal in a yellow shirt can help you get medical attention quickly. If needed, you can call 911 and they will route you to IMS track emergency services.


We hope everyone has a safe and fun Race Weekend!