As the 8th anniversary of Rachael Fiege’s passing arrives, Angi Fiege said her greatest wish was to “hear from people impacted by the Rachael’s First Week program and to see that Rachael’s legacy lives on by doing what she always liked to do, help other people.”  Listen below to the stories from those who have witnessed the impact this program has had on their lives and those around them.


Jim Danko, President of Butler University, talks about sharing Rachael Fiege’s story and the impact it has had on both students and parents.


Tim East, Principal of Zionsville High School, says thanks to the Fiege Family for using Rachael’s legacy to create Rachael’s First Week in order to help others.


Shelby Border, A Legacy of Hope


Laura Kauffman, Rachael’s Friend, Gives a Beautiful Tribute to Rachael’s First Week Program and the Fiege Family


Michelle Boyd (parent), “Thank you for teaching our young people about the importance of doing the right thing.”


Linda Christy, Director of College Counseling, International School of Indiana, “Thank you for making your goal to protect the lives of our students. I am honored to know you and so grateful you have a heart for our young people.”


Jack, SafeTEA podcast co-hosts and RFW Live presenter told us, “I feel that I have really learned about the kind of person Rachael is through her friends. Rachael’s friends continue to honor her by the way they support Rachael’s first week.”