This week on WTHR’s ‘Send the Love’ we’re helping high school and college graduates. Rachael’s First Week is a small nonprofit inspired by Rachael Fiege, an Indiana teen who died after falling down a flight of stairs at a party during her first week of college. Rachael’s First Week produces programs, podcasts, and classroom events, all designed to protect the vulnerable lives of teens as they transition to adulthood. They address topics like sexual assault, suicide, travel abroad, safety, alcohol poisoning and the Lifeline law, More than 4500 students at Zionsville Community High School have gone through Rachael’s First Week before graduating. The principal’s been telling me that the program prepares the students to become independent young adults in our society. Your donations this week will pay for the very programs, podcasts and performances that will help this next generation. This organization doesn’t want Rachael’s death to be viewed as a tragedy. Instead, it’s an opportunity for teens to reach their potential as adults. So if you’d like to jump on board and donate just $5, here’s what you do. Text the word ‘LOVE’  to this number, 317-655-5740. Thanks for joining us this week as we send the love to Rachael’s First Week.

Click here to donate.