Alcohol safety means recognizing when someone has had too much to drink. These signs can be crucial to a person's safety when seconds matter!
Alcohol Safety during your college years means: Recognizing when someone has had too much to drink and acting to ensure their safety and well-being. Here are some signs that may indicate someone has consumed too much alcohol:

1. Slurred speech or difficulty speaking clearly.2. Unsteady or impaired coordination, stumbling, or loss of balance.3. Bloodshot or glassy eyes.4. Strong odor of alcohol on their breath or body.5. Changes in behavior, such as becoming more aggressive, argumentative, or excessively emotional.6. Impaired judgment or decision-making.7. Nausea, vomiting, or loss of appetite.8. Drowsiness, confusion, or difficulty staying awake.9. Loss of memory or blacking out.10. In extreme cases, unconsciousness or difficulty breathing.

Here’s a helpful pneumonic, “PUBS”:

P is for Puking

U is for Unresponsive

B is for Breathing that is either too fast or too slow

S is for Skin that is blue, cold, or clammy

If you notice someone displaying any of these signs, it’s important to intervene and ensure their safety. Stay with them to monitor their condition. Seek campus security and/or medical professionals if you see these signs. Remember, alcohol safety involves responsible drinking, and looking out for one another’s well-being!

~”Always Look Out For Each Other”

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