College football tailgate season is here! We've provided some tips to help pull off a great tailgate party!

College football season is here and every school has its own special traditions surrounding the games, tailgating being one of the most prominent traditions.  Tailgating is the party that happens in the parking lot before (and sometimes after) major events. Tailgating is something every college student should experience at least once. To help ensure the perfect experience, we’ve provided some tips to help pull off a great tailgate party!

  • Arrive early. This will ensure you have plenty of space to set up (tables, grill, games, etc) with space for any friends to park nearby.
  • Bring something to identify your tailgate, a flag, balloons or some signage to help your college tailgate stand out. This will also help your friends locate where you are.
  • Get your food ready ahead of time. Plan the night before to prep your food, marinate meat, shape burger patties, cut veggies. The will help cut down on game day stress.
  • Remember: Keep Hot Food Hot and Cold Food Cold! If your burgers have been sitting out all day in the sun, don’t eat them! The consequences will not be worth it!
  • You can never have enough ice. Whether to keep food cold or to ensure everyone has a cold drink, plenty of ice is a must.
  • Have a first aid kit handy. You never know when you might have a band-aid emergency. For larger emergencies, remember most stadiums have official first aid tents.
  • Bring plenty of water. It’s important to have alternatives, since not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages. Also, water is a great way to stay hydrated, so drink plenty.
  • Don’t forget games. Corn hole is a popular tailgate game. With a large group you can set up a tournament. And don’t forget some basics, tossing a football around or throwing a frisbee might be the entertainment your group enjoys best.
  • Make new friends. Tailgating is a friendly environment. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and include your new friends in your tailgate festivities.
  • Bring a phone charger. Your phone will be critical as your college friends may be calling to find out where you parked and you’ll want to be able to take plenty of pictures at the tailgate and game.
  • Have fun and cheer on your team! Tailgating should be fun, so enjoy the party atmosphere and cheer your team on to victory!

Remember, if you see someone in trouble, stumbling around, maybe from drinking too much, don’t hesitate to step in and get them help. As a bystander, you can make a difference!  “Always Look Out For Each Other” ❤️