Rachael’s First Week by Dr. Angi Fiege

Rachael’s First Week by Dr. Angi Fiege

Like other parents who have experienced the untimely death of their child, I looked for a way to prevent any other parent or sibling or friend from enduring the horrific anguish that comes with the death of a child. Unfortunately, what happened to Rachael is not particularly unique. The facts are that the demographic of young adults entering college is unrecognized as a uniquely vulnerable population.

Think it’s cool to Juul?

Think it’s cool to Juul?

Juul has become a popular nicotine delivery device for young adults despite the company’s mission. Its attractive flavors, addictive nicotine deliverance, and sleek design have caught the eye of many teens. Vaping has increased to approximately 11% use in high school students.

Is making yourself throw up when intoxicated a bad idea?

Answer: YES The idea of throwing up to “get rid of the drunk” is often idolized with encouraging phrases: puke and rally, the tactical chunder, vomit and rock it, chuck and run. I could go into a lot of biochemistry here, but I will spare you. The bottom line is that...

Depression – You Are Not Alone

Depression sucks. It can creep into any aspect of your life and make you feel isolated from the world. Often, we feel like we are the only ones experiencing these emotions, but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. What you are going through is a universal...

About Rachael’s First Week

Rachael’s First Week is a program dedicated to   protecting the lives of high school seniors and college freshmen as they transition into young adult women and men. 

These can be tumultuous years when peers often look to each other for guidance as they encounter novel and potentially dangerous situations, rather than engaging experienced mentors to provide solutions. 

The mission of Rachael’s First Week is to develop the decision-making skills of teens as they enter this time of monumental change in their lives.


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©2022 Rachael's First Week

©2022 Rachael's First Week

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