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Episode 8: Beating the College Winter Blues

Join Sam and Evan as they tackle the chilliest season with warmth, laughter and a whole lot of tips to keep your spirits high during those frosty days on campus. Listen as they talk about navigating the dark, cold days of winter by staying cozy, connected, and motivated throughout the semester.  






Episode 7: Navigating the New Semester with a Side of Spoiled Milk

Join Sam and Evan, with their guest host or what we affectionately like to call the guest “college idiot”, Alex.  Listen as they give advice on navigating a new semester.

Whether you are a new freshman or a seasoned student, learn great tips on how to manage your time, organize your schedule, buy your books, and even make time for fun. Don’t miss this helpful and hilarious episode of the Three College Idiots.

Listen to the end to learn about the “side of spoiled milk” !





Episode 6: Beginner Guide to Dorm Life: Your New Mojo Dojo Casa Dorm

college moving

Join us as we host an episode of SafeTEA, where we get to take the reins as guest hosts. Tune in to hear hilarious tales from our freshman year, coupled with invaluable advice for first-time dorm movers and essential safety tips.

Listen to Mariellen Jacobs and her son, Clark and learn about their organization, Rail Against The Danger.  Clark was injured in college when he fell from a bunk bed and now their mission is to get bed railings in all colleges so no one has to go through what Clark did.

Check out and learn about the Corey Act, an initiative started by Nanette Hausman to expand required safety reporting to include incidents resulting in death or serious physical injury.  Colleges currently only have to report crimes that occur on campus, however, accidental injuries are estimated to be the leading cause of death for college students. By enacting this law, colleges would have a clearer pictures of where and why certain incidients were occuring and be able to better address these safety issues.




Episode 5: Fun College Traditions

Colleges have a lot of fun traditions, at Indiana University it’s the Little 500 weekend. These traditions can be tons of fun, but what if you get in trouble or a friend seems to have overindulged?  What are some campus resources if you or a friend gets a drinking ticket? How can you tell when it’s time to call 911?

Learn this and much more in this episode of Three College Idiots.

Episode 4: Travel Safety Tips for College Students

What does 22 Jump Street, soft and hard launch, and travel safety have in common? 

In this episode of Three College Idiots, Sam is joined by two of her friends, Annabelle & Gabbie. They talk about about past spring break travels and how to stay safe while traveling. Listen to funny stories as well have helpful advice for your future travels.


Episode 3: Happy 10th birthday Indiana Lifeline Law

In this episode, Three College Idiots talk about the Indiana Lifeline Law, a medical amnesty law. This law provides immunity for some alcohol-related offenses, subject to certain conditions, to those who request medical assistance for someone in need.

Hear from Evan, Sam and their guest host, Andy Manzur, as the Three College Idiots talk about how this law has affected their college life.  LEARN MORE AT

*Listen to the end to hear some of our blooper outtakes!









Episode 2: The Sewer Guy

The Three College Idiots talk about campus safety and discuss a situation that occurred on campus, now known as, “The Sewer Guy.”  What happens when you get safety alert at college? How do you respond?

Special thanks to our guest host, Gabbie Werner



Episode 1: Severed Arms & Other Creepy College Ghost Stories

A new podcast by college students about college students.  Listen to this first episode, where in the spirit of Halloween, we talk about different spooky stories from several colleges.  

Special thanks to our guest hosts, Izzie Ruiz & Emily Myers.


Samantha & the “Pumpkin Boy” painting

Creepy doll in Evan’s house

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