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TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the contect on this page may be disturbing. Viewer discrection is advised. 

Defined by the FBI, “an active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area”.

Research from the Department of Homeland Security reveals that the average duration of an active shooter incident is only 12.5 minutes, whereas the average time for police response is another 6 minutes  – in other words, it takes on average 18 minutes for police to arrive from the time the active shooter.  And recent tragedies have demonstrated that most shooters will not stop their rampage until police arrive. Victims are usually chosen at random and your survival depends on developing survival skills you hope you will never have to use.

Most colleges and universities have written protocol for preparedness during active shooter incidents. Do you know what your school’s is?

This video from the FBI talks about how to face such a situation, RUN.HIDE.FIGHT.



Stop the Bleed –

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