Our Team

Angi Fiege

Angi is an Indiana Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Trauma ICU Physician and the Medical Director of NASCAR/AMR Safety Teams and a member of the Indy Car Safety Team. More importantly, she is Rachael’s Mom and the woman behind our program. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she shares her heartache with thousands of young people each year with the hope of changing the fate of just one student. She acts as second mom to many of Rachael’s friends, who label her as Momma Fiege.

Julie is the Marketing and Programming Director. She manages all of the social media channels,  the website, and all email correspondence. She provides photography and marketing for all events as well as ensures the tech runs smoothly. She works on getting the program into area high schools, sororities/fraternities & local colleges. She also works on the two podcasts, SafeTEA and Three College Idiots.

Sharyl Border

Shary’s relationship began with Rachael’s Family when her son played on Coach Fiege’s soccer team. After Rachael’s death, Sharyl helped conceptualize the idea of Rachael’s First Week. Despite so busy working as a Medical Administrator, you can almost always catch Sharyl at the RFW events, taking pictures and keeping Momma Fiege sane, program after program.

Rick Fiege

Rick is Rachael’s dad and her biggest soccer supporter. Rick works as a Real Estate Broker and coaches club soccer. Whether you know him as Rick or Coach or Papa Fiege, you know that he is a behind-the-scenes kind of man. You may get lucky enough to see Coach Fiege at one of our programs, but usually his work for RFW is done outside of our program time.

Jeremy Fiege

Jeremy is Rachael’s brother and was one of her best friends. While you almost always find him at the fields coaching and working as a ref for youth club soccer. Jeremy often speaks at our programs about the Indiana LifeLine Law, as his passion towards the law increased after we lost Rachael. He is a very vital part of our presentations and this program.

Dr. Jill murphy

Jill has been with us for a few years and has taken a huge leadership role in recruiting new residents and reaching out to universities. Jill is an Emergency Medicine physician.  She is one of our SafeTEA podcasts co-hosts. Chances are you’ll also see her on stage at a program, as she is a regular speaker. You may also witness her putting one of the largest boys in the crowd into a recovery position on stage. We love Jill and are thankful for her dedication to our team!

Dr. Jacob Capito

Jake is a former Butler Bulldog. Although he never knew her, he and Rachael share a lot of common interests; especially their love of soccer. Jake is a medical resident at the IU School of Medicine. In his spare time, Jake joins the panel of residents during our RFW programs.

Dr. Adam Dunstone

This crazy Scottish man was a recent medical resident at the IU School of Medine. Adam has been with RFW for a few years now and we are thankful for him. He is one of our lead resident speakers, who always adds some comic relief. Adam has been dedicated to making sure another accident like Rachael’s doesn’t happen again.

Shelby Border

Like Rachael, Shelby grew up in Zionsville and graduated from Zionsville High School in 2014. She then furthered her education by attending Indiana University where she received a degree in Secondary Special Education in 2018. Shelby is currently working as a visual merchandiser at Free People but plan to eventually go back to school in order to pursue a graduates degree in Higher Education.


Sammy (Maethner) Kelly

Sammy and Rachael met on their childhood soccer team. The two became extremely close and shared an abundance of laughs and crazy times together. Sammy has been with Rachael’s First Week since our first program. Although she is busy teaching, Sammy is part of our panel and is often responsible for discussing hard topics such as suicide and the impact of losing Rachael.

Julia Ollikainen

Julia was one of Rachael’s closest friends. They became friends their freshman year of high school while playing on the same soccer team. Julia is a regular speaker and is often given the difficult task of tackling the topics of depressions, suicide and Adderall at our programs. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work.

Dara Sturges

Dara and Rachael met on their first rec soccer team called the Purple Apes when they were about 5 years old. Although a year younger than Rachael, the two remained friends throughout the years. When she’s not DJing under the name Derz, you may catch Dara at a RFW program. Dara has been on the friends panel since the program started and we are so thankful for her positive energy!

Srisha Pillay

Rachael and I became best friends through soccer and she was always a light in my life. I have loved being part of Rachael’s First Week and hearing how Rachael’s story has made a difference in so many lives. Currently, I am in the Physician Assistant Program at Northwestern University but try to stay involved with RFW and attend the program when I am home!

Hanna Elliot

Hannah and Rachael played soccer together through high school, sharing many great memories. Hannah is busy going to school for her doctorate currently, but still attends Rachael’s First Week programs. She has been with the program since the beginning, often serving on the student panel.

Laura Kauffman

Laura and Rachael were best friends for 12 years. Laura lived behind Rachael for most of their lives and the two were inseparable. Laura has been on the Rachael’s First Week team since the beginning. Despite being busy teaching, you’ll probably see Laura on the friends panel at an RFW program discussing her “exit strategies”. Laura is in charge of the RFW Instagram, Snapchat and other behind-the-scenes jobs.

Katie Byrd

Katie, a former IU grad and current IUEM resident, has been apart of Rachel’s First Week since medical school. Previously involved in program development and medical student recruitment, she is now one of the regular program speakers. She thoroughly enjoys the interactions with other speakers on stage and the opportunity to help educate and guide program participants into safe life experiences. 


Catana Phillips

Catana is the Injury Prevention Coordinator for IU Health Methodist Trauma Services. She has been with Rachael’s First Week for a few years, interfacing between trauma services and outreach. You may catch her in the audience of some of our programs or representing RFW at events. Without Catana, our programs would not be possible!

Katie Roberts

Katie is a middle school student at Zionsville Middle School . She volunteers her time and puts together  all of the phone wallets Rachael’s First Week hands out during their presentations.

Mary Baluyut

Mary met Rachael through soccer and high school where they became best friends. Rachael was a big influence on Mary’s choice to attend IU. Mary is currently in nursing school and has a passion for emergency medicine! Mary helps with RFW to share Racheal’s story so students can be prepared, educated, and keep others safe.


Erich Weidenbener

Erich is a 3rd year medical student at IU pursuing Emergency Medicine. Although he did not know Rachael, he was moved by her story and wanted to help educate students across the state. He is grateful for all the wonderful individuals that work with RFW to give high school seniors and college freshmen the tools they need to succeed in the coming years!


Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride is co-host of our popular college safety podcast, SafeTEA.  Stephen is an Emergency Medicine physician serving in several Emergency Departments surrounding Indianapolis.  He lives in downtown Indianapolis with his partner, Rachel and their two dogs. His interests include but are not limited to theater – (which is why he is such an amazing podcast host)- DnD and video games.

Gabi Youran

Gabi is one of our volunteers.  She has been responsible for establishing Rachael’s First Week as a nonprofit organization and ensuring its sustainability for the future. In her previous role at the Community Foundation of Boone County, Gabi worked closely with the Fiege family to preserve Rachael’s legacy and is honored to continue that work here. 

Samantha Myers

Samantha is one of our Junior Board members as well as a host for the RFW podcast, Three College Idiots. She is currently a student at Indiana University, double majoring in human biology and anthropology.

Evan Lesniewski

Evan is one of our Junior Board members as well as a host for the RFW podcast, Three College Idiots. He is a student at Indiana University studying informatics with a chemistry cognate.

About Rachael’s First Week

Rachael’s First Week LIVE! is a program dedicated to protecting the lives of high school seniors and college freshmen as they transition into young adult women and men. 

These can be tumultuous years when peers often look to each other for guidance as they encounter novel and potentially dangerous situations, rather than engaging experienced mentors to provide solutions. 

The mission of Rachael’s First Week is to develop the decision-making skills of teens as they enter this time of monumental change in their lives.


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