Our Rachael’s First Week LIVE! college program educates students and provides them tools and resources to deal with many issues they may face for the first time, such as mental health, sexual assault and binge drinking.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, our ability to do live programs is limited. Keep checking our website for updates.


Physicians and student volunteers present our college program.  We provide students with valuable information and heightened awareness skills needed to stay safe during their college years.  

We educate students on the following areas:

– Know the laws – does the state you will be living in have a Medical Amnesty Law?  Indiana has the Lifeline Law.

– Know what you are putting in your body

– Mental health / suicide and what resources are available

– Sexual assault – protecting yourself, using exit strategies and the Buddy System

– The importance of Always Looking Out For Each Other

You all gave an excellent presentation regarding Rachael’s story, the dangers of underage drinking, and what to do if you are in a situation similar to Rachael’s. I wanted to first thank you for continuing Rachael’s legacy through this program. As teenagers, we tend to be extremely stubborn, and typically justify our actions by the “this won’t happen to me” ideology. Thank you for rising to the occasion in making sure fatal accidents due to alcohol and drugs occur in lesser numbers. Rachael’s story has truly changed my life, and she will forever be in my heart. Dr. Feige and Rachael’s First Week team, Thank you.

- Female Student

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about Rachael. I’m very thankful that you could come and teach us about the reality of over drinking or just drinking in general. Thank you for coming and sharing your story!

- Male Student

About Rachael’s First Week

Rachael’s First Week LIVE! is a program dedicated to   protecting the lives of high school seniors and college freshmen as they transition into young adult women and men. 

These can be tumultuous years when peers often look to each other for guidance as they encounter novel and potentially dangerous situations, rather than engaging experienced mentors to provide solutions. 

The mission of Rachael’s First Week is to develop the decision-making skills of teens as they enter this time of monumental change in their lives.


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©2022 Rachael's First Week

©2022 Rachael's First Week

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